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Homework Help: Will The cyclist Skid?

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    Will The cyclist Skid??

    Can someone tell me if I have done this right. The question I am working on is...

    A cyclist is going 10m/sec around a 20 m radius turn. If they weight 60kg and the coefficient of static friction is 0.2, will the make the turn or skid into a crash??

    I found the maximun speed the cyclist could go around the turn with out skidding and got 6.2 m/sec. Then I assumed that becasue it was slower then what the cyclist was travelling they would skid when going around teh turn.

    Have I done this right or should I have gone a different route in doing this?
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    Looks good to me Woody, although I'm pretty pissed and it's late.
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    You're correct, but use standard written English next time. A cyclist is a single person, therefore you wouldn't refer to him as "they."
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    Thats right.


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