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Will the laws of physics

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    Will the laws of physics....

    Will the laws of physics stay the same in a differnt universe.
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    Thats a philosophy question. We have no way of knowing because by definition anything that happens ouside our universe is not observable.
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    Very good answer. I agree.
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    for my opinion....
    i think the theory we know is create from the human
    for understand the world....
    but does it really true...
    i think human can't know it
    maybe it's just approach the true
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    Okay, assuming we live in a universe-cluster, then we would live in a bigger universe. Our universe would be a sub-universe. So, the other universes should have the same laws of physics otherwise, we won't be compatible. In another universe, every thing might attract/repel everything in its path while another may do the exact opposite. Do ya'll(<-did I spell that right?) know what I mean?
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    The apostrophe is before the "a".
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    Anthropic Principle:
    We see the universe the way it is because we exist.

    So in other words, it depends on how we see the universe, ie. if the law is different, we wouldn't exist so will Anthropic Principle. Therefore I don't think it is impossible to tell whether there are different laws governing different universes, or are there any other universes.
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    Re: eh...

    we will never know if our theory is true or not (maybe it just true to what we observe). but i think it's true if our theory can calculate what will happen in the future. for example " base on my theory and calculation, lighting will strike this tree at this time"

    but now base on our knowledge, we just can say the probability about the lighthing strike the tree.

    kian yew.
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    Re: Re: eh...

    What is "our theory"?
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    Re: Re: Re: eh...

    what i mean is that if in the future there is someone to create a new theory,formula or something else, then the theory is true if it can tell what the next number will you get if you throw a dice. not the probability of which number you will get.

    kian yew.
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    In other words, tell the future? This would obviously call for time travel.
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: eh...

    Again, you refer to a "new" theory, which implies that it's replacing an already existing theory. Which theory would you be making reference to?
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: eh...

    mentat, sorry if i write something to make you misunderstand what i write because i'm not very good in english.

    the "new theory" i mean here is if in the future someone can create a theory that can do what i mean before. then it's true because it can tell us exactly what will happen in the future.

    because any theory we knew just can predict what will happen in the future. they cannot sure it will happen or not.

    i'm here not to say everything we know is not true, just that we don't know wether it's true or false.
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    will there have the prefect theory can predict the future??
    i think no....
    becuause human is only one of the creature in our universe
    kian yu....
    did u know the uncertainty principle of the quantum mechanics??
    the principle say that the more precisely you know the position,
    the less well you know the momentim of the particle....
    so how we can predict the next position of the particle??
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    newton1 i think you also misunderstanding like mentat i think. sorry.

    what i mean there is IF in the future not now. i think you should refer back the previous post that i posted earlier. and what i say is just my point of view. if you still don't understand i can email to you.
  17. Apr 7, 2003 #16

    well...we stop the argue...
    actually i just want to say....
    human is not perfect...and will not create a prefect theory...
    this is my opinion
  18. Apr 7, 2003 #17
    Re: okok

    [zz)] who's arguing with?you?

    you say human is not perfect. that's what you say and every people have their own believe. even though it will not be a perfect theory but i'm sure someday in the future someone will found it out. this is what i believe.

    the end.
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