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Will the scientific and information revolutions be transcended in our lifetime?

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    Is the Scientific Revolution a given and the Information Revolution essential for maintaining the quality of life and perceived needs we have become used to? Otherwise, might they soon transform their basic principles to a philosophical paradigm more attuned to respecting unspoiled nature and social intellectualism?
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    No. There is not and never has been any unspoiled nature. Nature, like humanity or the individual human being, is a highly nonlinear system far from equilibrium. Always on a one-way trip form this to something else. What do you mean by social intellectualism, if not science?
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    More accurately "social relativism," a modern movement that seeks to overrule science as subject to the overall culture it occupies. I see it as an invitation to the next, totalitarian dark ages. Such linearity has been shown able to span over a millennium, scores of unenlightened generations.
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    Well you have a nice name !!!

    My answer to you is yes it will be during the next 8 years
    by the creation of Non-Euclidian mathematics
    which in the next step After Einstein progress in Physics.

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    And you have a beautiful avatar (as well as a nice name)!

    Didn't Riemann and Lobachevsky develop non-Euclidean mathematics (geometry) in the 19th century, preceding Einstein?

    My guess goes with quantum logic as the new math.
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    Thank you Booda.
    This it is a cover of my book for children ,
    i wrote some more for adult
    2 are about mathematics.

    i just look on your web-site it look very nice
    I will study it more cerfully thank you.

    (I notice already that we were born in the same time )

    Now to your question about mathematics:

    my answer to you is No !

    Non Euclidian mathematic
    in not Non Euclidian geometry !

    What is quantum logic ?

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