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News Will the US reintroduce the draft?

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    What are people's opinion on the reintroduction of the draft? Is it likely to happen? Will you support it if it does?
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    If someone gave me 75,583 dollars everytime someone asked this question, I would be 680,247 dollars richer.
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    i would not oppose a draft, but i don't think that it will come to that. if we find the need to attack North Korea/Iran/Syria and the like, then that may become needed.

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    Personally I think there are too many people in charge that remember what it was like in Viet Nam in dealing with draftees. The superiority of an all volunteer force is pretty obvious. I would think they would be very reluctant to institute a draft simply because it would have to go back to the mix of professional soldiers mixing with draftees. It was not a harmonious mix.

    It would take a monumentous world event for me to support another draft.
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    Biden is a moron, or well, hes a democrat. Hes just trying to bring out more fear-mongering tactics to get people to fall for the idea that there is going to be a draft. You put that out in the media and you'll get all sorts of people making... well, threads like this. Theres no factual evidence to support a serious look at a draft.
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    The only way a draft will be instituted without popular revolt is if the US is invaded. It'll be difficult to get past the navy to do that.
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    Hey thats a good idea. Lets tell the navy to get off their butts and go fight in iraq ;)
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    There is no reasonable chance of a draft happening in my lifetime (I'm 29). This issue was brought up a lot last year by the Democrat's for the purpose of turning public opinion against the war in order to get Democrats elected. It would appear Biden still thinks he can get some more mileage out of the issue....
    Ahem, while the Navy (with the exception of the Marine Corps, a branch of the Navy, and Navy corpsmen serving with the Marine Corps) suffers virtually no casualties, the Navy does a significant fraction of the work.
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    Quiet you! we'll replace all the naval men with robots! :D lol
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    I am unaware of any naval opperations on the Reo Grand
    and very aware of a continued invadesion across that and other borders
    and judging by the local landings in south Fla the navy/cousties/ins is getting less then 1/2
    of the attemped crossers

    just wait intill BuSh2 trys to invade N K or Iran
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    I dont think he was tlaking about illegal aliens..
  13. Jul 4, 2005 #12
    It will not happen. The only cache of political support for American conscription comes from left-leaning circles where the predominant concern is one of equity. The data is compelling even at a first order analysis, the American fighting force is more mobile, more lethal, better protected, and enjoys greater reach at a quarter of its last conscription-era size. Consequently, personnel base outlays amount to about a quarter of the entire defense budget--the single largest line item for a fighting force with only about 1 million men and women. That means an extra division of fighting strength will run you an extra $10 billion a year just for the manpower.

    Rev Prez
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    The only way that a draft would be re-instated anytime soon in the US, would be in the event of war with China, a situation that many experts now see as inevitable:

    http://www.lewrockwell.com/lind/lind65.html [Broken]
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    Which is why the US is currently cosying up to Asian countries. The plan being I presume to keep any war with China confined to the Asian continent.
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    1) Lew Rockwell is no expert. Neither is William Lind.

    2) There is no discernable strategic objective in a war against China that would necessitate meeting the PLA--fully mobilized and assembled--in battle on the mainland.

    Rev Prez
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    No, but he discussed the musings of experts in that writeup, I considered it a good review (especially since he is particularly hard on Bush, so I'm sure that he would have some fans on this forum). I happen to agree with his conclusions too.

    I do not necessarily agree with this.

    If the unfortunate situation was all-out war with China, there is a chance that a stalemate would not be achieved, and Beijing would become a target to force a peace. I could also forsee limited strikes in key areas against their mainland, as the Japanese had done.

    It is hard to know for sure when we are not military planners, other than the arm-chair kind :smile:
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    It would seem that way. The issue is now being raised where Japan wants a seat on the UNSC.
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    Expert. One. And a guy he's arguing against. And trust me on this, Robert Kaplan is not a favorite amongst these people here.

    His conclusions aren't conclusions at all. They're based on a very silly analogy to a common criticism of Lehman's Maritime Strategy--namely that Backfires armed with nuclear-tipped cruise missiles could hunt down and prevent a NATO carrier offensive against Soviet SSBN bases around the Kola. Of course, the Soviets had it easier since the proposal involved maneuvering carrier strike groups through narrow passages of water and within Moscow's coastal, EM and satellite field of vision. The solution was simple; send up SSNs with Tomahawks. What Lind proposes would require the Chinese to find a carrier group with a weapon that is destructive over at most 400 square miles in millions of square miles of ocean; the Reds have to buy their satellite intelligence from the French.

    There is no chance of a stalemate happening in any sphere of conflict that the US and Chinese may engage in. The US has no strategic objective on the mainland that requires an airland force to accomplish, and this Beijing idea of yours is just crazy.

    The Japanese engaged in full effort to conquer the mainland. Exactly what the hell do you think American interests in China are?

    No, it's really easy to know for sure. It's easy even for security studies undergraduates.

    Rev Prez
  20. Jul 5, 2005 #19
    I'll have to go with Rev Prez on the idea of a conflict with China. It would be insane. The worst that I think might happen would be a new Cold War type scenario. WE have no interest in attacking them at home and I agree with RP that it would be absolutely insane to even attempt such an endevour lest we blow their whole country sky high first, and that in and of itself would be insane.

    On the OP I'd have to say that a draft does not seem likely. All hell would break loose.
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    I have yet to hear any convincing argument that war with china is "inevitable" and find that laughable, let alone that it rise to to total war that will require any activity on mainland china at all. Neither of you are going to go over the pacific to eachother's continent to fight eachother. That's just silly.

    As for the draft. No one in cabinet wants it, no one out of cabinet wants it. It's just some democrat trying to lower support for Bush.
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