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Will this 2.2 watt solar charger charge my booster pack?

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    I am not too knowledgeable on this topic so I was wondering if some of the knowledgeable folk here could help me out. Anyways, I have a 12 volt vehicle booster pack which is pretty discharged. There are no ratings on it except for the label that says "ES 2500." I am guessing that the 2500 may be the amp rating. There are two connectors on it, 2 clips, and a cigarette lighter socket. I have a solar panel which I bought from canadian tire.


    The panel is only about 2.2 watts and the product description mentions that it is good for battery maintenance. My questions is, if I hook up this panel to my booster pack, will it charge up my booster pack? I am aware that it probably will take a while, but it will happen right? Are there any concerns that I should be worried about? Thanks in advance.
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    The link you provided is dead.

    Is this your booster pack:


    Why are you using a solar panel if you can just hook up the booster pack to the cigarette lighter?

    It says the charger requires 500 mA so if the solar panel outputs 2.2watts of energy you need 4.4 Volts or 8.8 Ohms of resistance.
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    Thanks for your reply. Yes, that is my booster pack. I am using a solar panel because that is what is availiable to me (I do not have the original charger). Could I just charge the pack by running my car then hooking up the booster pack in parallel with the main car battery?
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