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Will this be the future game over the Internet ?

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    Will this be the future game over the Internet...... ?


    Here is a guy in Australia explaining how it is to remote control a webcam robot in Sweden.

    He is controlling it from the other side of the world over the Internet.....

    http://www.roaringsnake.com/misc/article_tank.htm [Broken]


    Will this be the future Internet game, to be able to remote control a web camera robot and hunt people with it, on a paintballarena, over the internet?

    Regards Magi
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    Probably not it still far more satisfying to pull the trigger yourself!
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    mmm there are more applications to that then just games...but for game id oubt it...i think it'ld be more believe if we could make robots and then do that through robots over the interner like robo soccer.
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    That little animation is very cool. I wish I knew how to do that. I would hoax films of Zoobie sightings and post them in threads.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I'll remember that. :biggrin:
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    The animation does look weird. The perspective at least. Looking at the monitor it seems that the arm should be more viewable (or rotated), unless the camera is looking sideways.
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    Look at the trend, a real star war may break out ;)
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    I think humans can eventually be adapted to the environment of Venus, Mercury, etc.
    It is the funniest game in my mind...
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    I have now got in contact with a company is Sweden that is interested in building a test arena with some laserdom-webcamrobots.

    If everything works out all right we will begin build the arena in a month. I guess it will be up and running in 2-3 months if we are lucky....

    I have two audio alternatives.
    1. Stereosound from stereomicrophone in every webcamrobot. You will with this system be able to hear from where you get an attack.

    2. Monosound, two way, so that you can drive up to another webcamrobot and talk with it over the web. But you wont be able to hear from what direction the sound comes from.

    What system would you prefer?
    I gues the first stereosystem is to consider becouse the ability to talk, pilot to pilot, can be done with skype or ventrilo and so on. And then every one else cant here the discussion.

    I will probably get airsoft tanks and mount laserdomweapons on them.
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