Will work for a job!

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Brief summary of my current job search. My current misfortunes are entirely my fault but I still think the whole job search process is unbelievably idiotic. Man, I knew I should've picked up some skills but too late for that; at least I'm in college..? Still, I'm happy to say I'm not on public assistance, well, except student aid but I paid high taxes for that :blushing:. I have no post-HS degree or relevant skills (or certificate to prove I have some) so my search is mostly for low skill/unskilled jobs.

Idiotic things I've experienced so far:

  1. The job listing mentions many positions available but at the next day interview I'm told no positions are available. Yes, the job listing was updated, sometimes reposted on same day of interview.
  2. Some interviewers seem allergic to educated, articulate, and/or well-dressed individuals. It saddens me when I wear a suit and tie to an interview and my competitors are wearing jeans, hoodies, etc. Sometimes, it seems mentioning I'm in college is a negative.
  3. When an interviewer tells you he/she will "stay in touch" or something to that effect, it generally means you are not getting the job.
  4. Apparently, an official college transcript may not be used to prove you have a high school diploma.
  5. Arriving 30 mins early to my "scheduled" interview. Waiting 1, 2, or even 3hrs to be seen and spending 5-10mins interviewing.

My favorite one so far:

Interviewer (over phone): "...some of the duties are answering phones, signing people in/out building, some paperwork, sitting at front desk, watching security monitors, etc... bring blah blah blah and $100+ dollars for training..."
Me: What kind of training?
Interviewer: "training for your state certifications, blah blah blah..."
Me: state certifications for answering phones or sitting at a desk? Is the job guaranteed after I pay for and complete the training?
Interviewer: "well, once you complete the training, we do an assessment and update your processing from there..."

The other version of that one:

Interviewer (over phone): "...some of the duties are answering phones, signing people in/out building, some paperwork, sitting at front desk, watching security monitors, etc... do you have any kind of training, experience or certifications..?"
Me: Yes, I do.
Interviewer: Oh, sorry we are looking for people w/o experience or certifications.
Me: Ok...
Interviewer: *hangs up*

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In my opinion, you shouldn't be looking for jobs answering phones, signing people in/out of buildings, some paperwork, sitting at the front desk, and watching security monitors :rofl: It sounds like there's a conspiracy going on!

If I can throw my 2 cents in, many people believe that going on over-prepared can scare people into thinking they're looking at someone who could take their job from them in the future. Also as for the job being taken practically the same day its updated... thats how the economy is now in some places. Where I live, a year ago there was a Macy's that opened that was hiring and there were like 1200 applicants for about 100 jobs or something ridiculous like that. I suppose it didn't really help though that the news was talking about it before they started taking applications.
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Yes, the employment jungle is filled with lots of predators and little prey! I've observed a few well educated, desperate people applying for unskilled jobs.
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Well, I'm at the other end of the Mill.
I just retired.

I can tell you that what you've seen so far is just the tip of an iceberg.
This is how the world is and you just gotta learn to deal with it.

Sounds harsh I know, but the world outside of protected childhood is raw, harsh and nasty. Good teachers will try to tell you that while you're still at school. Now you know you didn't listen hard enough. Truth is, none of us do.

Rule 1
Most people in work are looking to be boss of someone else. If you don't look or sound like somebody it's easy to be the boss of - you don't get the job.

Rule 2
Most people in work have friends or family they want to get the job that just opened - but first they have to get rid of you.

Rule 3
There's lots of other rules.

Good luck, (you're going to need that too). I really wish you the best.
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Being in college could be a negative for the types of jobs you're applying for. If they want someone who can work full-time or change shift schedules often, they may not thing a college student will be flexible enough or available enough to work the hours they need someone to work. Some out-of-work, out-of-school person who shows up to interviews in a hoodie and jeans clearly has no place else to be but that job. Also, college students don't stay long at those types of jobs. They get bored or get better jobs, etc., and leave after a semester ends.

Based on what you wrote here, I also detected a bit of sarcasm in your responses to the interview questions. You might want to check that at the door as you head into interviews, it can be mistaken for arrogance. That goes along with AJ Bentley's comments that people are looking to hire someone who they can be the boss of...not who will be the boss of them.

In the meantime, if you're in college and qualify for student aid, check into whether you qualify for the work-study program. That will get you work experience on a schedule that works around your classes. (The catch is they will limit the number of hours you can work and you can only work until you earn the amount of aid you qualify for, but at least then you have job experience to put on your resume/job applications elsewhere when you're done.)

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