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Will you pass on the story to your son?

  1. May 7, 2003 #1
    as we know the legend from our traditional and cuture
    is not ture
    now in this civilization century
    will you pass on the story to your son?
    why ? if yes; and why not? if no
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    Re: legend

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    No, I would not pass it if I know it is wrong.

    If you want, you say: "Listen, (gran)son - what a funny tale we had" - it is much better this way.
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    Most legends are based on historical fact. The facts maybe grossly distorted or enriched but still historical fact.
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    The emphasis is based on. The lack of originality of the legend makers do not make whatever is the end product factual.
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    What do you know as to concluding that some legends or culture are not true? just because you are led to believe on things you are supposed to believe and keeping out others that you are not supposed to believe, it doesn't mean that it's true. The supposed 'culture' that is being witnessed by this era seems a trend towards a culture of greed, and biased to logic, and religions having violent perspectives, but it doesn't mean that it has monopoly of the concept of truth. It is not surprising that humanity tends to trip over and threatened down the drain with wars, chaos, suppression and ignorance. It is merely a product of manipulation, especially thru media the influences orchestrated by those whose selfish motive is to cling to power, and banking on the gullibility and ignorance of the mainstream as long as they are comfortable with the bliss of knowing other than what they are not supposed to know. If such dilemma are imposed on to the next generation, the question is how will humanity paradoxically survive.
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    Isn't this what they are trying to do with woman's role in history?:smile:
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