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Willing to share their IQ's

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    I am doing a project for my school and was curious if people would be willing to share their IQ's if they have been officially tested, their job, and ethnic background.
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    Any additional information would be helpful but not necessary.
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    Re: IQ's

    The mean (average) IQ is 100. The standard deviation is 15. What's more to know?
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    Re: IQ's

    Mine is about the internet average, which is 130.
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    Re: IQ's

    I think somebody's fooling you. (The "Internet average", that is.)
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    I've never been tested, but I estimate it at approximately 6000.
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    I am studding
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    Sorry presses send on accident. I am studying IQ clumping and weather ethnic background matters. The "average" doesn't apply everywhere.
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    I got a 77 on my IQ test. C+, so not too bad.
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    Weak... Mine is over 9000!!!!!
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    85 jerry! An 85 iq!
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    Can you please take this seriously?
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    IQ: 185
    Occupation: IQ test scorer.
    Ethnic Background: Cretan.
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    When I was first tested, I had an IQ of 250. But then I (accidently) heard a Nicki Minaj song, and now I'm down to 60 :frown:
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    Re: IQ's

    Mine is currently being contested in court.
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    Have you contacted groups like mensa to see if they offer the demographics?
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    Me thinks you might not know what an average is.
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    I would suggest you look into Evo's suggestion of seeing whether or not an organization like Mensa has data on this. There are a number of problems with asking a bunch of strangers on the internet - reliability (you're hoping the people who respond seriously at all are telling the truth), sample size (you're not likely to get enough replies to make a solid conclusion), skew (people on a physics forum probably don't represent the general population), etc.

    An organization like Mensa will have gathered much more data and will probably have taken care to examine and eliminate at least some of these issues plaguing the statistics.

    You could still add your own small survey, but be aware that it likely won't reflect larger and more careful studies.

    I've never had my IQ tested, so I can't help you with that question.

    If that's how much damage a Nicki Minaj song does to IQ, then I should have flunked out of grad school several times over by now! =P Either that, or I started with a much higher IQ than I thought I had...
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    Ha! I beat you two single-handed. Mine is 20,000. JackRohr, dont forget to mention me.
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    No formal testing on my IQ is done.

    For the first 27 years, my mom told I've an IQ of 200. The next 12 years, my wife suggested my IQ is around 70. So my average IQ is (200*27 + 70*12)/39 = 160.

    I've a feeling my average IQ will be coming down in the coming years.
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