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WiMAX Transmitter

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    I was reading about WiMAX networks and how they can provide a 30mbit connection to a user 50km away!

    Now, I don't have a great understanding of data transfer but I assume inverse power law applies??

    Pf = Pi / 4*pi*r^2

    At 50km

    Pf = Pi / 10^10 * pi

    For Pf = 30mbit/sec = 30*10^6
    Pi must equal:

    30*10^6 * 10^10 * pi = 10^18 bits/sec = 1 EXAbit/sec

    Really?! Can they transmit an EXAbit of data per second? How the hell do these things work?!
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    The calculation is incorrect. You need to look up the Friis formula on the Internet as a starting point. This will give the received signal power, and then you need to work out if it will compete with the noise of the system.
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