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WIMS-D5 under Win XP

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    Hello there,
    I have an exe file of WIMS-D5 code which is complied with an old compiler so it cannot be run under Windows XP. It can run on Win 2000 an other lower OS.

    Is there a solution which helps me run it under Win XP?
    I don't have its source code to recompile it.

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    Probably the best thing is to do an official request at NEA. I know they are a pain, but if you have the legal right to use their software, sooner or later you will obtain it.
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    I wonder if it is an incompatibility with the OS (XP) or the microprocessor (32 bit vs 64 bit, or something like that). I presume the microprocessor of the XP machine is different than for the Win2K or lower OS?

    It's certainly best to compile the code on the platform with the OS under which it will be used.
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    I don't have the source code to compile it again.
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    In that case, I would recommend Vanesch's suggestion and request the source code from NEA. Or find a Win2K system.

    Is the XP Machine similar to the one that had Win2K, i.e. what processor is one using as opposed to the one on which the executable was created? I assume the HD's of the XP machine use NTFS.
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    If you right click a program and go to "Properties", you can change the compatability mode (under, of course, the "Compatability" tab). I have no clue if it will work, but it's worth a try.
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    If you really need it one solution which requires some effort (and works if the application doesn't require extreme graphical performance for one) is to install a virtual win2k guest under XP and run the native win2k version of the software there .... since it's then win2k should definitely work (for example http://www.virtualbox.org/ ).
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