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Homework Help: Win the Prize!

  1. Jan 23, 2005 #1
    Ok here is the question..

    In a carnival you win a stuffed giraffe if you toss a quarter in a small dish. Dish is 2.1 m away from your hand in a shelve above the point where the coin leaves your hand (y). Initial velocity must be 6.4 m/s.
    a) find y and b) what is the vertical component of the velocity of the quarter just before it lands in the dish?

    Ok i got part a, i solved for t and used that t to find y. Now, how do i get part b? DO i use the eqaution Vy= V sin(a) - gt and plug in the t i figured out earlier?
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    Yes,u have to plug in the time in which the coin is in the air...

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