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Win Vista Yyyuuuccckkk (

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    Win Vista... Yyyuuuccckkk!!!! :((

    My aunt gave me a laptop as a gift on my moving to university a couple of weeks ago. ^^! And Vista came pre-installed in it. :cool: At first, I just go "Wow", although I know that it's a little bit slower than any other versions of Windows out there.

    Ok, but now comes the most stupid thing of all time. The Windows Media Player (WMP) cannot play the file .MP3 encoded in layer 2, or something like that. :bugeye: This never happens before when I used Win XP SP2. :cry: It just said that missing codec.

    I tried to install the WMP 11 version provided on the webpage of M$ (the one I used for my XP), but with no luck. A message just keeps popping up telling me something like: "You are using a more current version of WMP, and you cannot install this. blah blah blah..."

    Is there a way to uninstall WMP in Vista to re-install another version (lower, but I am sure that works better). :(
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    You might want to have a look in the Control Panel - Remove Programs option and see if WMP is listed there. If not, there really isn't anything you can do i'm afraid bar doing a complete format of your laptop and installing XP. That would solve all your Vista problems.
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    No, WMP is not on the Control Panel. ~"~ Is there another way round? Do you know a codec that support MP3 (layer 2), or something like that? I've installed the K-Lite Mega Codec, but it does not help much. :(
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    Test out different codec packs. Don't give up on Vista.
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    I've just downloaded Winamp, and it seemed to work nicely there. Yay!!! ^^! But well, is there a way to import the codecs used in Winamp into WMP? I am more familiar with WMP, and I heard some of my friends said that Winamp used more CPU usage than WMP due to its skin, and environment, or something like that.

    Is the codec simply the .dll file? So can I just copy them (.dll files) all, and paste them to the WMP folder? I am wwwaaayyyyy noob at computer... :cry:

    Please help. Thanks a lot in adavance. :)
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    Well. In the article it says that it'll install the codec pack that help WMP to play 185 media formats :bugeye:. But it didn't do what it says, it install another Media Player, with which 185 formats can be played.

    And the big problem for it is that, the main language the programme uses is Chinese. :cry:

    I don't know why there are so many people in Blogger Digest recommend it. :frown: It even eats up more CPU usage than Winamp :bugeye:, and have a not so nice theme.

    I did try to open the song in WMP, but still, it cannot play. =.="

    So far, I've tried 3 different codecs packs:

    K-Lite Mega Codec Pack, Vista Codec Pack, and Storm Codec Pack. And none of them can play the file in WMP. Hix, I gotta search for some more.
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    That last sentence reminded me of this Apple commercial: http://movies.apple.com/movies/us/apple/getamac_ads4/podium_480x376.mov [Broken] :rofl:
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    Hhahaha, good one. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Whooose, finally, I got it by changing the extension from .mp3, to .mp2, and everything just works out nicely. It makes me wonder, is .mp3 encoded in layer 2, actually .mp2? :confused:
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    Are you referring to "Media Player Classic"?
    This has been my primary media player. It works well for me.
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    The best thing to do - drop M$, get *nix. Everybody wins.

    I agree VLC Media player is excellent. Plays virtually all formats of media.
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    Yup. It didn't come with my Vista though, and when I install the Storm Codec Pack, it install the Chinese version of Media Player Classic. :bugeye:

    Thanks bud, I'll give it a try, looks cool. :smile:

    What's *nix? Is that Linux?

    I've heard of it before, that it has a stronger security than M$, or something like that, and it's absolutely free. But are most programmes compatible with it?
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    I use the full version of K-Lite Codec Pack... which includes Media Player Classic
    ...none of which comes standard on Windows. You have to download and install them yourself.

    Sometime I use VLC.
    It's really the support and availability of codecs that allows software to play various media files and streams.
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    *nix is a general name for all unix and unix-like operating systems, you would usually see POSIX (Portable Operating System Interface) written on the same page too.
    it usually is said in the context of code compatibility - programs which run on one *nix OS can usually be ported very easily to another *nix system.

    the free "operating system" which you might have heard about is Linux, i say "operating system" because Linux all by itself is not really an operating system, a Linux distribution is (the Linux kernel + Gnu packages and possibly more programs).

    there are more *nix OS's around though, macOSX is such an OS or BSD (which was the first OS to implement the internet protocol if i recall correctly)
    (there are many more, you can learn about them by googling a little)

    now, for your second question - are most programs compatible with it?
    there are many programs for Linux, they usually are not the commercial ones you know from windows, but they have the same functionality in most areas...
    theres no photoshop, but theres gimp - which isn't nearly as professional, but then again, neither most people - it does 100% of the things normal people do.
    theres OpenOffice or KOffice instead of the MSOffice... theres Blender instead of 3d studio max (again, not as professional yet, but can do VERY impressive 3d animations - see elephant dreams)
    theres AmaroK, Rhythmbox, Audacious, and many more media playes... (mplayer or vlc for movies)
    theres firefox, Konqueror or epiphany instead of Internet Explorer...

    I currently use Ubuntu (a Linux distribution), there's no program i really miss...

    and if you can't find a parallel program to replace the one you used in windows, you can always use WINE to run the windows programs inside linux, it works most of the time...

    and just to leave you with enough curiosity, i added this movie:

    which, while not demonstrating the strengths of the OS, shows its eye candy. (consider it a teaser for linux, or BSD, which can also run it)
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    Wow. Thanks very much for your reply. It's very helpful. Especially with a noob in computer like me. :redface:

    Yeah, and the clip is indeed very interesting. Well, I do find some of M$ applicants are less user-friendly, and so lacked of flexibility than other non-commercial programme. Like, I've switched to Firefox about a year ago, IE6 sucks, no tabs, no add-ons, almost nothing. Now they've upgraded it to IE7, most ideas are copied from Firefox, so I still stuck to Firefox. :biggrin:

    I also used OpenOffice to compose essays for my own use.

    It's really the popularity of M$ that makes me hesitate in changing to another OS. I'm not sure if I'm correct (so correct me if I am wrong :smile:), but to me, it's like most people are using M$ although it's pretty expensive. They use it in offices, shops, blah blah blah. In fact, you can find it almost everywhere. I once typed out an essay for my mom, and saved it using the .odt extension (in Open Office). And she said she cannot open the file using Microsoft Office, and that in her office, everyone used M$ Office. I tried to saved the file in .doc using OO, but she still cannot open it. :frown:

    It's like most people are using M$, and if you are using another OS, save a document or something like that. And only you, or some other people who are using the same programme can open it. While others, the majority, cannot.


    I've downloaded VLC, and it works great. Simple skin than Winamp, and use less memory. ^^! Thanks guys ^^!
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  19. Dec 1, 2007 #18
    well, popular doesn't necessarily mean better (see ogg vs mp3, or firefox vs internet explorer for example)
    people use windows, because of historical reasons - if you haven't seen it already,
    I suggest you watch "Pirate of the silicon valley":

    as a docudrama its not a reliable source for facts, but they did make an extensive research about the characters involved, and while there are some little inaccuracies there, it's not far from what actually happened, the people this movie is about confirmed it (they took no part in writing the script, they just saw the finished movie and commented on it).

    anyway, compatibility is an issue, it's been in the spotlights recently - because several countries started to complain about being forced to use MS Office.
    now microsoft made a plugin for its recent office suit which enables it to read and write open document files.

    you could always use pdf, it can be read over every platform out there, and since adobe opened the format, you can now edit pdf files without having to buy anything.

    anyway, document format (in)compatibility is the only issue i ran into, every other major formats works well on all operating systems.
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