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Win7 hdmi

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    I just connecred my win laptop to my 73 inch projection TV.

    It uses an HDMI cable and shows the desktop just good in the center of the TV screen.

    But it has a big black border around the desktop.

    How do I get it to fit the TV screen?

    The image is big but does not fill the screen.

    The black border is about 5 inch thick.
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    Change the resolution to 1920x1080.

    This isn't engineering....moving.
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    I can only move the slider up to
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    Are you viewing the same screen on the computer's display and the TV? If they are different, they can't be the same (Zen wisdom...). You might be able to use your TV remote's zoom/format feature to zoom in on the picture, essentially changing the resolution of the TV.
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    Yep. Been there, done that. :approve:
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    I had a similar problem recently and after updating the drivers for my graphics card and the TV it worked just fine.
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