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Winch design question

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    I need to calculate the tension on a cable. cable comes off a winch, travels up at a 45 deg angle over a pulley which is 2m above the height of the winch. The cable goes down at a 45 deg angle and connects to a 7m pipe 2m from a hinge point directly below the pulley. the pipe weighs 7kg/m.
    This unit is going to be used in remote heliportable wireline work in northern alberta. The 7m pipe has a cable system on the end that is used to lift pressure control equipment on to the well.
    I want to put some engeneering support to the design so we can be confident of the cable size and winch capacity prior to building the system.
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    What you describe is not quite clear. Can you post a figure?
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    Word doc with simple drawing

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    You don't go to a web forum for engineering design advice that can affect worker safety and the safety of others. You hire a licensed and qualified engineer to do the calculations for you.

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