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Wind behavior passing over and through a canyon

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    I'm doing a project regarding a canyon in the Big Bend National Park area. I'm supposed to be building an outpost on the edge of a canyon for rangers overlooking the area, and I'm needing to make it sustainable, meaning that it would utilize natural resources to make the house function naturally. Anyway, I was trying to figure out how the wind would behave in the canyon in order to utilize natural ventilation, using passive cooling systems, to cool down the building. The outpost would be on the Northern side of the mountain and would be facing South. During the summer the wind would be flowing SouthEasterly. I would think that because air is flowing through the canyon (I would guess) Easterly and over/above the canyon SouthEasterly (more southern), that something funky would be going on in the middle... or maybe not. I also don't know the speed of the wind (if that makes any difference). Any guesses on how the wind would somewhat behave in the middle of the canyon? It wouldnt need to be 100% accurate, but just a guess of how this system would work, would help me plenty.
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