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Wind power

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    I am trying to charge a battery using wind power! but i cant seem to find anything telling me how i can determine the power output coming from the generator, when all i know is the wind speed.. i know that the blades on the fan will have to be small but using the right gears with the high speed winds that I will be having, i should be able to get the shaft to the motor to turn at any desired RPM. Does anyone know how where i can find a chart that will show me what the power output is, compared to the RPM's.
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    Andrew Mason

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    The power coming from the generator depends on the power you are able to extract from the wind. To determine that you need to know the energy that the moving air transfers to the windmill. This is some small percentage of the kinetic energy of the air that passes through the windmill each second and depends upon the design of the windmill.

    So, you need to know the wind speed and dimensions of your windmill (that will allow us to figure out the kinetic enegy of the wind), and the efficiency of your windmill in converting that energy into electrical energy.

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