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Automotive Wind powered vehicle

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    Hi : I am new here but have been thinking about this for a while. I am attaching a drawing to hopefully explain my idea. I think a crossflow fan mounted at the rear of the vehicle's roof ( Accross the width of the car's roof ) , protruding partially above it and setup to allow air flow through it and escaping out the back of the vehicle just behind the blades will recharge a battery pack. I think if setup right, as you drive the blades spinning due to the airflow past the roof will recharge a battery pack through of course a generator and alternator system. I am not an electrician or electrical engineer, so I do not know how to properly set it up properly or if it would work but with the crossflow blades spinning on precision bearings and the proper airflow setup , I believe it has a chance.

    Any input is appreciated.


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    And you are geting the power to push the car through the air from where? It is scupperd because you are supplying the power that you recapure at less than 100% efficiency. This would actually be worse than running the car from a battery alone.

    The whole reason wind turbines work is becuase the air is moving past it (whilst it is stationary). The wind is doing the work.

    Do you think they would work as well if you were pushing them throuh static air? Obviously not, because you are doing the work to it.

    As you can't get out what you put in due to efficiency, this is an example of a perpetual motion machine.
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    Airbus had thought to put wind turbines behind the tips of the wings to make good use of the wortex there and to get power even if the engines had stalled.
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    Welcome to the PF.

    I think xxChrisxx has explained very well why this is not done. You can't get something for nothing. Thread is closed.
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