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Wind Tunnel Model Molds

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    I am currently researching methods available for manufacturing a half-span wing model (approx 0.5m span, low sweep delta wing of varying cross section) to be used in wind tunnel experiments. A recent paper suggested the use of epoxy and micro glass beads injected into an aluminium mold for manufacturing the wing - do you know of any UK companies who provide this service or any other possible methods for producing a mold suitable for wind tunnel application? Any help or advice is much appreciated.

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    The best manufacturing method depends on the goals of your wind tunnel test. For example, you would have a very difficult time instrumenting a solid, injection-molded model like that if you planned to put pressure ports in it.

    You might also try simply machining the model out of any number of materials, including G-10 (a glass-epoxy material) or aluminum or anything else. You just need to consider your application and goals when deciding.

    If you are doing low-speed stuff around room temperature and surface finish isn't an issue, you may even be able to get it done very cheaply using rapid prototyping.
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