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Wind Tunnel testing?

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    Is there people amongst you who have ever dealt with Wind Tunnel testing?

    I cannot find a special section for experiments in this forum...

    I have a few topic to launch!

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    This would be the place.
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    hi all,

    i dealt with wind tunnel testing for my degree thesis, couple years back.
    my thesis title was "Tunnel Correction for Semi-Span Model Testing in Low Speed Wind Tunnel".

    maybe i can contribute what i learned about wind tunnel w u guys.
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    What is the problem
  6. Oct 29, 2007 #5
    force balance design

    My son and I have built a 4 foot Baals-design wind tunnel. Does anyone know of a good force balance design to use to measure lift. The test section is 10" long by 7" high.
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    What kind of information you need.

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