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Wind turbine design

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    please excuse the writing in some of these messages as I am typing this from my phone, but I am looking to build a high output wind turbine. I have a few questions. I am a high-school senior and have a large understanding in physics.
    my idea involves a 12 wing rotor as wind speeds are low in my area. so to make this have a high output I am looking at strong magnets and a 500 foot coil.
    the design has the cylindrical magnets with 1/4 pre bored holes the magnets have a n48 strength 1.42 Tesla I think, these magnets are 1 inch long and I'm looking at using like 10 of them stacked in nnssnnssnn fashion to increase their strength. a PVC sleeve will be slipped over the magnets with a 500foot copper coil wrapped around that PVC. the shaft will be held by 2 pillow block bearings. how does the design of it sound so far? I've never really seen one like this.
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    To have a high output you need a high input, either strong winds or big diameter blades or both, worry about the generator magnets when you've sorted those two out.
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    I agree. The mechanical engineering part is the clincher. People who want to build a wind turbine system often buy / acquire the alternator as it would require some serious manufacturing skills if needed to be anything like optimal. The tower and blades are non-trivial, too. I wouldn't rest easy in my bed with something I'd thrown together, rotating at full speed outside my bedroom window.
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