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Wind turbine spar design!

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    Hi guys,
    I am working on designing a wind turbine spar for a second year mech project. The spar has an elliptical cross section, is hollow and linearly tapered with a linearly varying wall thickness. The entire tower reaches upwards at angle.

    My question is:
    if I want to find out the moment and shear at some cross-section at an arbitrary height L due to the weight of the tower, how do I best resolve these to a point load acting at the centroid of the cross-section?

    My initial idea was to resolve the weight of the segment of tower above the cross-section to the center of mass of that segment, then determine the moment about the centroid of the cross-section. The shear would be the component of the weight acting along the face of the cross-section...

    PS: I have my axes set such that the positive y axis is concentric with the axis of the spar.

    Any input would be great. Thanks!
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    Your approach sounds correct.
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