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Wind-up motors large enough to move a small auto

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    I hope you will indulge me for a rather strange request, but does anyone out there know of any wind-up motors large enough to move a small auto. It doesn't need great capacity, but i am hoping for at least the capability to move the vehicle a mile or so.

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    I've certainly never heard of such a thing. Dare I ask why you want such a device? It seems to me that a wind-up motor (I'm thinking 'clockwork' here) would need a spring under an incredibly high tension...
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    Very interesting, I have been thinking of constructing some kind of wind up machanism on my bike, so when activated it will help me brake and at the same time winding up and providing energy to help moving again.
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    Just Brainstorming:

    To brewnog:
    Mainly just brainstorming. - - - Tumor pretty well answers your question. I have a couple of ways to attach such items, if the items themselves are feasible, and available. If not, I probably won't waste too much more time thinking about it. Presently, the two methods of regeneration used (electric and hydraulic) have certain 'inefficiencies'. I just wanted to look at this as an alternative approach (or augmentation). Also, the spring wouldn't have need for an external 'wind-up', so this might make the approach a bit less risky.

    P.S. As you've probably surmised; for my application, a mile is probably far more than needed, but that would be a desirable bonus.

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    Devices such as these exist as you say with electrical regeneration (particularly on recent hybrid vehicles) but I reckon the hydraulic ones are the closest you'll get to "wind-up", although I'm not sure I've come across these! Can I assume that they work by means of an accumulator? If so, you'll have some kind of idea of the strength of spring required.
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