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Windmill Generators

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    The first big myth about windmills and wind turbines is that they are very noisy.

    http://windpowerspecialist.com/articles_3.html [Broken]
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    Not a very scientific look at wind turbine noise, looking at a random sales site.

    Small turbines don't infact produce much noise about 40ish dB, they dont produce much power either.

    3MW turbines do produce a hell of a lot of noise. Some are on the order of 100dB.

    http://www.barrhill.org.uk/windfarm/noise/11-windnoise.pdf [Broken]
    http://www.barrhill.org.uk/windfarm/noise/8-klug_noisefromwt_sevilla2002.pdf [Broken]
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