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Window Lost want to restore

  1. Feb 10, 2012 #1
    Dear Fellows,

    I purchased a new Laptop with window in it, for activation of that window I gave that laptop to a IT department, that stupid person deleted the orginal window and made partitioning of Laptop from C to
    C, D, E, F.
    and installed XP instead of Window 7 .

    Can I take my original window from Microsoft or Is there any way that I can restore or any thing that give me my original window back???

    Any supporting information is appreciable.

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    Google "windows 7 upgrade". You will get lots of information.
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    Did your laptop come with a Windows 7 dvd or cd? If not, there may be a hidden recovery partition on the hard drive that you access with the BIOS at boot up. Usually you hold down one of the function keys like F11 or F12 (it could be a different key) during boot up to get into the BIOS recovery menu.

    I'm not sure what happens to those partitions IT created though. I don't know if system restore is an image restore or if it repartitions the drive back to it's original state.
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    Mathman@ If they need money then I am not in position to pay for new window7
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    No I was not having any CD or DVD with my Laptop, dealer was saying it will create image but before I think of Image I just gave it to IT department. what is "BIOS at boot up" and how to reach the stage for try???
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    Your laptop has a BIOS that it used to read in from the disk (or dvd or network) to boot up. If you keep tapping a function key. For Dell laptop, it may be ctrl-F11. For HP, it may be F10. Just start up the lap top and keep tapping a function key (F8 or higher), one of them should get you into the BIOS factory image recovery utility.
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    If somebody in your IT department turned your new laptop into a paperweight, find his/her boss and get it fixed at their expense.

    If they don't want do anything, keep escalating the problem till you annoy somebody enough so they do take some action.
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    Okay!!! I went to them but of no use,,, they are not accepting they did it,,,,

    Anyway,, last option is what rcgldr told,,, I will try,,

    if partition changes then,,,, can it have the original data of old partitions??? If yes then window can be recovered if no then I dont think it will work,,,,

    meanwhile I am trying this technique of rcgldr
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    How far up your organization have you gone to complain?

    The final option is just "go nuclear". Send an email to the head of your own division of the company and the head of IT. Don't bother too much about the details, just make sure you use plenty of words like "clown", "comedian", "moron", "idiot", "brain-dead", etc.

    Obviously the people who get your email won't know what this is all about, but they will get the messsage there is one very angry employee out there. With luck, you will get a face-to-face meeting with a senior manager to find out WTF is going on. At that point, calm down and start explaining what happened in words of one syllable, but make sure you don't leave his/her office until somebody has actually agreed to get the problem fixed.

    This won't work to solve every little IT problem you have, but once in a while it can be very effective :devil:
  11. Feb 22, 2012 #10
    I have just come to know one more solution of this issue,

    I have hp probook 4530s 2.1
    when I took advise from Private IT expert he replied

    " If any one having this same probook 4530s you right the image of window from his laptop on a DVD, and install in your computer,"

    this can work for only same model and this CD could be right 2 times from any new laptop.

    do you fellows verify this information or not ????????
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