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Windows 10 experience

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    I thought I would let you know my experience. I down loaded Windows 10 a couple of days ago. It took about two hours and, frankly, I didn't see any advantage. Perhaps I don't do the kinds of things it was intended for- but I don't know what those might be! It took a while to figure out that some things had been moved around but the real problem came when I found a couple of apps that did not work any more. I reinstalled them from the original discs but then got the error message "log in again with administrator privileges". I checked and, just as I thought, I was logged into my own computer with as "administrator"!

    The upshot was that I removed Windows 10 and went back to my previous operating system. I, at least would recommend against Windows 10.
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    Have you tried Ubuntu Linux?

    I've been using for a couple of years now and it works well. You have to switch to Openoffice or LibreOffice though which are clones of MS Office.

    It autoupdates every few days patching software bugs usually related to security exploits.
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    Early on I had my wireless adapter driver corrupted by a defrag, but I blame that on the defrag program. Overall I'm extremely happy how Windows 10 is performing and the upgrade was seamless.
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    It appears a lot of people have issues with Outlook 2013 (or even 2010) after upgrading. A simple sfc /scannow in command prompt -- run as administrator -- seems to fix that issue.

    Otherwise I am happy with Windows 10 (although I did install Start10 so I could have the same start menu as I did in Windows 8.1 with Start8. The Windows 10 standard start menu I do not like.)
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    I was rather thrilled with windows 10 as compared to windows 8, but not so much as windows 7. I recently purchased a brand new touch screen "flip book" (Toshiba Satellite) which came with windows 10, but returned it due to some seemingly irreconcilable differences with "normal" windows 10 operation. The biggest examples are that I could not get the start button to function like the other computers I have used, it had some stripped down format with nothing but tiles and a power button, and the "project" button was missing from the action center.
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    I upgraded to Windows 10 some months ago and I got the BSOD twice already. Aside from that, it's great.
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    I haven't had the "blue screen of death" in so long I had to google BSOD, but I don't push windows to its performance limits like I used to.
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    I don't think I push Windows, either. All I do is use it for school everyday and then I often run different programs, but I don't do anything so aggressive so that I would get the death message twice. It's just confusing :confused:
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    Built into the core of every windows edition...
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    Extremely bad experience so far; I'm a linux user but had to go with windows 10 a few times just to use 1 program.
    1)Inefficient updates. Takes way too long, sometimes never finishes and I have to hard reboot after hours wasted. There's nothing like this in linux.
    2)Lost about 3 hours because I couldn't reach the desktop. I was stuck on entering my password, it would tell me that it's wrong. 3 hours until I figured out that the last windows update had changed my default keyboard language (from Spanish to English), so obviously the special characters that are in my password were wrong. And since there's no option to "show password" (for security concern I suppose) there wasn't any obvious way I would realize it.
    3)It deleted a program I had installed: Ccleaner.
    4)It reinstalled tons of crapware I had spent several minutes to flush. Like "Get Office" and about 20 other useless programs I will never ever use.

    Overall my feeling about this OS is that the owner of the pc doesn't have the control over his machine. Microsoft is the boss and no one else is. For a physics student I see no reason other than being almost forced as I am, to use this OS. I'd give it a 2/10 just because it boots and allows web browsing.
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    Thank god for Linux distros. I use Ubuntu and will never go back to Windoze. Instead of listing all the reasons I like it, try it for yourself. They have an option before installation where you can run it off the CD or Thumb Drive to check it out. And it's FREE!!!!
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