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Windows 10 quirk?

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    Windows 10 found some problems in my computer and fixed them, leaving a message that I had to restart. However, the cursor was gone and there was no indication of how to restart. I had to shut off the computer hardware and then restart by turning it back on - there should be a better way.
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    The Windows key should open the dashboard, then tabbing will get you to the Restart options.

    Whenever I have to use keyboard to navigate the Windows UI, I always imagine I am Scotty, who still knows how to type old school.

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    <scotty's accent>Hello Computer</scotty's accent>
    Awesome, now i must go home and watch star trek 4!
    Has someone made transparent aluminium yet?

    Also, always remember, Ctrl+Alt+Del is your friend
    or Ctrl + Shift + Esc
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