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Windows 2000 problem: svchost.exe

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    Can anyone please tell me where I can learn what the process
    is and why it has recently started generating errors and stopping in what has been a very stable operating system for 2 years?

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    svchost runs services. So you have a specific service that is generating errors. Have you installed any new software recently?
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    My last software install was a month ago and that program (real player) is not running when I have the error.

    Further experiments have convinced me that it only occurs when I access my email but is independent of the program I use to do so (unix window, web mail or outlook).

    Before the error there are 2 instances of svchost.exe and after the error there is only one. Weird things happen with a variety of programs.

    The web link was very useful background info. Thanks.
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    Services run all the time, whether their associated application is open or not.

    Sounds like maybe it has something to do with networking.

    These things can be tough to diagnose - often its easier (though still a pain) just to re-install windows.
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