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Windows 8, IE10!

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    MS is rolling out Windows 8, three years after lauching Win7, and also IE10.

    Microsoft previews Windows 8 operating system

    "Consumers can now download the release preview of Windows 8, a system which Microsoft says is its most tested operating system ever."

    "IE 10 will be the first version of the browser with "do not track" turned on by default, meaning users can easily decide not to accept cookies." That's a feature I'd like.
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    I wonder what will stop working now. Being a developer and selling programs for Windows means troubles sleeping each time new Windows version is launched.
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    Which is why I'm glad that I program in Java.
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    I am not really a fan of the new look for windows 8 .. I think it is too suited for tablet devices with the huge windows.. Not really excited about it.
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    The problem with "Do Not Track" is that the advertisers have to honor the setting. I'd much prefer Firefox with the appropriate security add-ons (e.g. NoScript, AdBlock Plus, Ghostery, Cookie Monster, Perspectives, Ref Control (IIRC), HTTPS Everywhere, etc.)
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