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Homework Help: Windows Calculator Question

  1. Jun 11, 2009 #1
    Hi. How would you go about doing negative powers on the windows calculator? For example if you wanted to calculate 10 x 10 ^ - 3 x 2 for example what input would you use on the windows calculator? Thanks.
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    Well, I doubt this is a homework question so here is the answer.

    10 * 10 x^y ( - 3)*2

    These are the buttons you press.
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    Are you sure that works on all versions of Windows?
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    Who would know? Try it with some test values.
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    The Windows calculator (calc.exe) hasn't changed its appearance for many releases of Windows (maybe back to Windows 3 or before), and I doubt that its inner workings have changed, either. It would be very surprising to me to find that you got a different result on two different Windows versions.
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