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Windows Quick Start Menu

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    My IE dissapeared from the QS, how to add it back? :smile:
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    Drag the icon there from somewhere else.
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    still can't do it, why?
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    Saint, are you on XP? When you say Quick Start menu, I am assuming you mean the Start menu that pops off the Start button.
    If you can find your iexplore.exe executable (or a shortcut to it), just right-click on it and choose Pin to Start Menu. This will only work if you are not in Classic view.

    p.s. If you're not sure if you are in Classic view, right-click on your Start button and choose Properties. Choose the Start Menu tab. You'll see a choice for Start Menu or Classic Start Menu.
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    Enable Dragging and Dropping first.

    Right click on taskbar. Go to Start Menu Tab. Customize for Start menu. ADvanced tab. "Enable dragging and dropping".
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    i mean the quick start at the bottom left corner just next to the Start icon.
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    right click on an empty part of the taskbar and select toolbars... from there select quick launch... that should get u started... when u have the quick launch menu, just drag the IE icon to the quick launch area..
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    XP Quick Start Menu tips

    If you have more than three icons in the QS menu, some may be hidden. To see any hidden QS icons, click on the double chevron just to the right of the three QS icons you can see. If you see the IE icon in that pop-up menu, click and drag it down to the normal QS icon area. This will displace one of the three icons there into the hidden area.

    To have more than three QS icons visible at any one time, click and drag the vertical bar that is just to the right of the double chevron.
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