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Windows Service Pack 2

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    My friend recently found out about Windows Service Pack 2 and wanted to know whether Microsoft already automatically loaded it into his computer or if he needed to do it himself. Or how he could find out if he already had SP2.

    I'm on a Mac, so I don't know much about Windows Service Packs. Is it even out yet?

    I went to Microsoft.com, and they say to just turn on Auto-update.
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    Look in control panel->system.
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    He'd likely know if he had SP2, it's a 266mb security update. Most people don't have SP2 yet because ms update queues people and don't send everyone an update notic all at once. However they have the service pack available for "network admins" even though you can use it for your personal computer too. Go here: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/winxppro/maintain/winxpsp2.mspx and click "Download and Deploy Service Pack 2 to Multiple Computers"
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    266 Mb? :eek:
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    They have a test version too right? I went to their site and found a version of SP2 that developers can download.

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