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Windoze / MS Word ?s

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    1] Why sometimes, when I accidentally blow up a Word document, does Word tell me I've made changes to Template.dot and do I want to save them? I'm always leary of saying 'no', since my own document is buried in the bowels of memory somewhere and will I be erasing it forever if I say 'no' to this template.dot.

    2] Most s/w apps will have a default location (such as My Documents) that is offered when saving files. I have no use for this My Documents folder, and would like to give it a different default folder - ideally, for ALL my applications. Can this be configured somewhere in XP?
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    For number 1, what do you mean by "blow up"?

    For number 2, another way to change it is to go to tools->options->file locations in word.
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    It sounds like your installation of Word is more trouble than it's worth! I really couldn't stand having to close and reopen my documents due to formatting bugs. I never get any types of errors with Word. Maybe you're better off clearing it off your PC and doing a fresh installation. Which version of Word is this? Or, like dduardo touched on, use OpenOffice.org Writer. It's pretty much like Word and its free.
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