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Wing Spar Sizing

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    hi Guys,

    I am working on a project for university that requires designing a wing box. I have obtained all the aerodynamic loads such as Vz, Vx, Mz, My, Mx and now ready to start sizing spars. For preliminary analysis i have assumed that the top and bottom spar flange takes the My bending moment due to lift and the spar web takes the Vz shear force. This would give me a total area that is required for the spars (bending + shear). Now I am looking for a spar design guideline (such as the length to width ratio and radius etc) to start sizing these parts. Is there a design practice on how to distribute these areas for each spar. I plan to have 6 spars (military fighter jet) in total with the front spar at 0.25c and rear spar at 0.7c. The chord at wing root is 5.04m. Also in designing the spars how would i account for the vertical stiffeners added to the spars to reduce skin thickness (shown in the attachment). Any help is appreciated Thanks.

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