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Winter 2009/10

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    I hereby proclaim winter 2009/2010 officially started. This was taken half an hour ago through my window:


    I must admit I don't remember snow in mid October in Warsaw. There is an old Polish proverb saying that 'St. Martin comes on a white horse' - St. Martin's day is November 11th, as this is my name-day I am pretty aware of when it does come and whether there is snow or not. In the last 40 years snow had fallen earlier probably less than 5 times. But not in October.
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    It was cold here (east Flanders, Belgium) today too (around 4°C), but no snow. It is expected to go sub zero tonight. Being originally from South Africa, I'm not used to it going below zero very often and the first time I touched snow was when I was 23, in Germany. Winter and I have a love-hate relationship :)
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    Winter here too

    The skier is caught by an avalanche and dug out ten minutes later. He survived.
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    We got some snow here last night, but it didn't stick around.
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    Wow, wet snow is breaking electric lines; up to 700 thousand people can be without power at the moment. So far so good here, although we have seen short blackouts - but not on the phase (hopefully that's in English) computers are connected to.
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