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Winter food

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    So it is some crazy -c temperature about my area now, so i thought about winter food ,or if even food makes a difference with changes in weather, like is it better to eat porridge or cornflakes for breakfast, is a stew better than a salad for dinner.
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    I certainly eat heartier foods - pot roast, meatballs, root vegetables, warm breakfasts, etc. During the summer I tend to eat more grilled/roasted foods, and take advantage of all the farmer's market produce.

    During the summer I often have some yogurt with fruit and granola for breakfast or some fruit salad and a pan-grilled muffin. During the winter I'll have heartier fare like oatmeal with applesauce and maple syrup, homefries & eggs, blueberry pancakes, or french toast.

    Weather and temperature definitely affect what I eat.
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    I decidely crave more protein and fats in the winter.. in addition to just wanting my food warm/hot (i.e. soup or chili) rather than cooling (i.e. sodas or ice-cream). This is, quite possibly, due to that fact that I have a high metabolism and no natural insulation.

    Unfortunately, our farmer's market also stops in winter... so our consumption of local foods stops, as well as our source for good bread (unless I make some). I miss our lettuce vendor (I don't trust supermarket lettuce). I've nonetheless been happy with the Braeburn apples and the citrus in the stores lately.
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    Winter food is much better and simpler
    Put meat,onion,potato,carrot,and anything else in the fridge that can't crawl away, in slow cooker - wait - eat.

    Jacket potato, curry, chilli mmmmm.....
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    One of my favourite cold-weather meals is to chop up a can of ham, stir it into a can of Campbell's Chunky chicken & corn chowder, nuke it for a minute or so, stir in a couple of tablespoons of powdered cayenne and a garbageload of salt. Hmmmm...... :tongue2:
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    Mmmm... sounds strangely good! I'm fond of canned kidney beans with cayenne and salt. There sure isn't anything like cayenne to warm one up... And I feel cold here today... even though it's supposedly 51 Fahrenheit. Rain rain go away!
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    Bloody hell! We've been strolling around in T-shirts because it got up to -10 C. :tongue2:
    We had the front door and balcony window open all day yesterday, and the furnace turned off.

    By the bye... my original recipe was using the Chunky split-pea and ham soup, but marriage brought with the the unwilling obligation to minimize under-blanket farting. :biggrin:
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    Ham rant, akin to Dangers sprout one, ham is the most disgusting, vile, obnoxious (food) on this planet.
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    Glad to see part of you becoming civilized.. and perhaps some other form of under-blanket activity keeping you warm. :rofl:
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