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WinXP - Changing a file type

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    In earlier versions of Windows, all one had to do to change a file type is simply rename the extension. How, though, does one change a file's type in Windows XP?

    For example, I have some downloaded video files that are listed as "htm" files. When opening them in Windows Media Player, I get a message saying that WMP might not recognize the file type. Ignoring the message, I ask WMP to play the file and it does so PERFECTLY (in other words, the media file has a wrong extension). I want to edit this file in Windows Movie Maker, but it "doesn't recognize the extension" (it doesn't even try to, unlike WMP). In earlier versions of Windows, all one had to was to rename the file's extension (from .htm to .wmv).

    But HOW can I accomplish this in Windows XP?
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    You can change the extension to wmv just as you did in previous versions of Windows. It's no different.

    Perhaps you don't have Windows set to show you the full filenames, however. Open up your folder, select Tools->Folder Options...->View tab and uncheck "Hide extensions for known file types." Click "Apply to All Folders" and you should be set.

    - Warren
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    :smile: Thanks chroot! Now it works
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    I wonder if you could help. I am trying to do the same thing.

    I upload a video from my digital camera, the file extension is .mov

    I can't open this with windows moviemaker, it says the file type is not valid, even when I followed the steps above. Any ideas on what I can do so I can edit these in windows movie maker?
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    install quick time player
    extensions mov work only with quick time player , while windows media player plays only avi, wmv etc , but not .mov
    also there are converters that can make .mov into .avi or something else ... try finding "winavi" , but i'm not sure it's the exact program .
    edit : after some browsing i found that - RAD Video Tools, TMPGEnc, VirtualDub , those programs can help you convert it to avi , so you can use it in the moviemaker , or you can see here http://www.alivemedia.net/videoconverter.htm for some download hint
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