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Wire 6 Led's to 110v AC

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    Hey guys, I've been researching on the internet for some time, and can't seem to find what I'm looking for. I purchased solar powered single LED garden lights yesterday and am going to convert them to be able to plug into an outlet in the house. I've been reading some forums and everybody seems to have a different situation that is a little different than mine, so I thought I'd throw mine out there. I am looking to connect 6 in either series or parrallel - whichever is easier. I don't need a handful of "just in case" components either. Just whatever will get the job done and regulate a safe voltage. The battery that came out of the lights is a 1.2v AAA. Could any body write a simple schematic for 6 of these, and one for 10 of these? If not thats okay. If so, thanks a million!!

    I'd like to keep it simple guys!
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    jim hardy

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    Get a low voltage transformer and the lights that go with it..
    You don't want housepower floating around in your garden.

    Where are you planning to use these ?
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    I agree with Jim, a commonly available 24V garden lighting system is actually the proper route. However can you clarify - you want to remove the battery completely? and not use the solar part of the light?

    I am sure the load ( required power ) is very low - you may also get away with a double insulated (important) wall-wart. You can get to a lower voltage than 24V ( maybe 3V) which is still too much to connect directly to the lights you have. You then will need to hack the lights a little to understand really what they need.
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