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Homework Help: Wire Loop in Equilibrium-Angle?

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    The diagram on your assignment depicts a rectangular wire loop of width a = 13.5 cm and height b = 6.85 cm, that is connected to a current source that when turned on, gives rise to a current I = 0.20 Amps in the wire. The loop is suspended in a uniform magnetic field B = 0.30 T that points in a vertical direction as shown in the diagram, and it would hang vertically if there were no current in the wire. We assume that the wire is massless, but two masses m = 8.05 g are suspended at the lower corners. What is the angle (in °), theta, at which the loop is in equilibrium?

    Ok I know that the sum of the forces and the torque need to equal zero for this system to be in equilibrium, after that I'm lost. How do I get started with this problem?

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    What force is applied to the 4 sides the loop by the interaction between the magnetic field and the current?

    What torque does the magnetic field apply to the current carrying wires depending on angle?

    What torque do the two masses apply depending on angle?

    What angle are these two torques equal and opposite?
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