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Wireless control systems

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    How controlling a device is possible using wireless communications systems like software defined radio?
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    Hi and welcome.
    That's a very wide question and you'd need to be a bit more specific about what you actually want to know, I think. (Stating your current level of knowledge of these things.)
    You have, presumably, read the Wiki article on SDR (?). In the end, once you have a digital channel, it can be used to transfer any sort of data - the data capacity and low signal performance are the only considerations that may distinguish a wireless control system from sound or vision signals. (Except for the fact that you very often need a reverse channel to provide feedback for the control loop).
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    actually i want to control toy car using USRP , my doubt is how to interface toy car with usrp using a developement board , if you have any idea please let me know kindly
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    What's a USRP?
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    USRP: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Software_Radio_Peripheral

    This article basically describes a systems architecture that will allow remote control over a radio link. https://decibel.ni.com/content/docs/DOC-15943

    You essentially need a defined control protocol that can be sent over a data link. An encoding device translates commands into data, data is sent over the radio link, and a decoding device translates the data into control actions.

    For example, at the receiving end an arduino can decode the data and based on that information, control actuators.

    On the transmission end an arduino can monitor switches, joysticks, etc and translate that into your data protocol.

    I expect there are standard protocols, arduinos, shields, etc that do all this already. I'll let you research that.
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