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Wireless Internet Connection

  1. Apr 6, 2004 #1
    I had an idea the other day that if I could set up a wireless connection from my laptop to my pc which is connected to the internet via cable I could work on my laptop down the road (in a pub or park depending on the weather) I guess it would involve some protocol like bluetooth has anybody done a similar thing ?
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    Range is an issue though: you need highly focused directional antennas at the very least.
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    Should not be to much much of a problem got a new place in a loft conversion which is higher than most other surrounding buildings and has visual of the park I was thinking chilling out err working in ~ 100 meters. But I guess I would need some sort of wireless modem or somthing to stick in my laptop for the other end as well.
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    you need a wireless PCMCIA card for your laptop. most routers only transmit up to a 100m so you will need some way of getting the signal a little farther.
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