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Wireless network not working

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    I recently bought a belkin 54Mbps/wireless (g) router. i also bought the accompanying wireless pci cards for my two computers. one computer runs windows xp pro and the other runs windows xp home, and a third computer runs windows 98 SE and is connected with ehternet. my problems are with the two XP computers. i've gotten both to recognize the router and use the internet. i have two problems, though, that i cannot fix.
    first, the computers keep dropping the wireless connection and i have to click on repair for them to find it again. the network is selected as my default and it's set to connect automatically. also i am using WEP security encryption and the passwords are fine for all three units. is there some setting i'm missing that i need to change to make sure the computers stay connected?
    Also, i created a network with one computer and used the network disk it created to create the network on the other. both computers recognize the network. and my computer with XP pro sees the two other computers as does the wired 98 SE comp. these two also can access eachother's files. the problem is with the comp running XP home. this one doesn't even recognize the other computers and the other two can see it but can't access it. i've tried sharing folders on this xp home computer with full access. the computer sees the network but can't see the three computers on it. it doesn't even display itself. i'm not sure how to fix this since i set it's network settings identical to the other windows xp machine. i selected share files and printers in the network setup.
    all three computers are in the same room but one will eventually be moved to the living room and i'd like to have this worked before i move it. i don't think i'd like to try and find a 100' cable to run across my house.
    thanks everyone.
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    Sounds like just signal quality/interference problems. I've had weird problems like that with laptops on wireless, and even with my desktop on wireless. I've had a laptop fail to see the signal of a wireless router (Linksys in that particular case) that was about 3 feet away in the same room. I occasionally have that problem with my linux box and its wireless connection to the belkin 54g.

    Well, the signal problem is something that may or may not be better depending on where you place the computers.
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    The computers are all within 5 feet of the router and the one having trouble is the closest to the router. This computer also has the same problem sharing whether it’s connected to the router directly or through wireless. Also the connections always show full 54Mbps connection.
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    Sounds like its just signal problems. Nothing particularly weird. I actually just had my signal cutout when trying to click the quote button to reply. It happens, radio signals are subject to interference.

    Now, the file sharing problem is different. That has nothing to do with the network connection. Thats something with either your configuration or MS's software, and I can't really say what the problem would be then, because I don't use windows.
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    It turns out i had to fix the problem by change the firewall settings in xp home. i added the ports available on my router to the allow list. everything works now.

    as for the reception. i'm trying to elevate the router and the antenna. i think that may be causing problems. don't know if the wife will let me stick a router up on the wall with cables coming down from it.

    thanks for the help.
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