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Wireless Optics

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    Can anyone tell me how to convert electrical lan signals into optical signals for wireless transmission via LEDs like they use it Li-Fi systems.
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    It's just transmission of signal through means other than wire, but not fundamentally different from other wireless solutions such as WiFi systems. Lifi systems use fast-modulated LED sources with photoreceivers to detect the modulated signal.

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    Yeah ok, but what i want to know is how to bring the data via optical signal to the LEDs for it to transmit?
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    The signal before the LED is digital electronic, the conversion to optical signal is performed by the LED, not before it?
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    I'm not upto date with lifi. Has the lifi consortium published a standard yet? If not then you might need to wait for that or become a member and help write it. That's normally how these standards get agreed.
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    Just make sure the digital signal is run through an inverter or optical led driver IC that is capable of switching at the required speeds and enough current sink ability to light your led properly...
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