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Homework Help: Wireless Power Transfer

  1. Feb 19, 2009 #1
    Hi all
    i'm trying to build a circuit which can transfer power from one inductor to another inductor unfortunately its not working as i expected.
    basically what i did was to make 2 inductors of 1000 turns (copper) on a plastic core.i connected one of the inductor to an ac power source (10VPP+15Mhz+sine wave) and placed the second one close to it and observed the output voltage (air medium).

    i don't know what i'm doing wrong here,i'm getting only ~240mV at the output. since its a 1:1 turns i expect to get the same voltage at the output too (N1V2=N2V1).

    am i doing something wrong here?

    thanks in advance
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    How far apart are the two coils?

    What percentage of the field of the first coil would you estimate is passing through the second coil? Do you think the secondary voltage would be different if for instance it were wound on a larger diameter core and the primary coil was inside it?
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    i don't expect much because the magnetic field is radiated in all directions and very few actually goes through the secondary coil.
    since the inductance is related to the radius of the coil, i would expect to see a higher inductance and thus a higher voltage.

    so should i make another coil with a bigger radius?

    thanks for your quick reply
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