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Wireless Power

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    Hello. I'm only twelve, so my ideas may be flawed,but I would appreciate someone who would advise me about my new invention. I will start with the equations.λ=h/p. The particle wave duality of light is necessary for the function of the solar panel atop the generator. As photons strike this, they free electrons, and you know the rest(or I at least hope you do.).K max=e V(needed for some of the energy output) The solar panel (thin film type) quantizes photon energy,which, in the form of electrons(obviously) passes through a coil of wire wrapped around a ferromagnetic
    element. The element of which I speak,so as not to obfuscate things,is an isotope of berkelium with a half life of around ten years, because it is an alpha emitter with a β-stability. Michael Faraday's law of induction should, because Bk-247, the aforementioned synthetic element generates a large, weak magnetic field, induce a flow of electrons( I use way too many parentheses, don't I?Alternating current, specifically.) in nearby circuits. This should also be as a result of the flux, so asymmetry would serve well in this generator. E=(e V)=1.2398/λ(y m) the energy from the photons is a half-result of the Azimuth angle, so don't get your hopes completely up.c/a=-(31≠1)⋅10^-4.
    This is closest to the instability of Berkelium-247 I can get, because measurable quantities have yet to be discovered.We need to stop waiting for the future to begin.We need to start forcing it to.
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    Welcome to PF!

    Please take some time to read the site guidelines.

    This looks like a personal theory of how your invention works. In general, we do not discuss personal theories or speculative science. We do help students learning mainstream science and math. So if you have any questions or homework problems where you're stuck then we can help by giving you suggestions. For homework we ask that you use the homework template and post it in the relevant section of this site.

    With respect to your post, there are numerous things about it that make it difficult to read and to understand. It reminds me of a Rube Goldberg machine with a lot of parts that are loosely connected but don't contribute to its operation.

    If there is something more specific that you'd like help with please post it and we'll try to find an answer.
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    Sorry. How do I delete the post?
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    You don't need to delete it. Why not start asking questions about your invention? From there you can learn if each of your assumptions are correct or not.

    At one time, I was on an invention review board at work. Future inventors (fellow employees) would come in and present their ideas. The company had an interest in protecting their products that would sponsor patents and reward the employees with small monetary rewards.

    Every so often we'd get someone in with a grand idea or a description of their work project and we'd ask so where's the invention and they'd say oh I was hoping you'd tell me.

    In one case, a fellow had an idea for a calorie detector cell phone like device where you'd stick a prove in your food and it would tell you the caloric content. He described all the features, the software , the menus... And how you use the probe/stylus. So we had to ask how does the stylus work and he had no answer. The stylus was the invention everything else was fluff.

    We had no idea how it might work or how to make his invention work. Later I figured a way to rescue the idea by using scan codes on menus but of course someone thought of that idea in a different context before so no patent.

    You could start here with a diagram of your idea and then we could help you understand the physics better that way you get to manage the discussion as we work through your idea.

    So to start off, what does the duality of light have to do with a solar panel?
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    How do you know that Berkelium 247 is ferromagnetic? Did yo find any paper about its magnetic properties?
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    Vanadium 50

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    Wikipedia says its an antiferromagnet.
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