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Wireless Router

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    What is a really good wireless router out now? Im hooking up my computer in my room with wireless and I really really dont want to have to put up with disconnecting every 5 minutes, weak signal,etc.
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    I recommend against a Linksys router, i had one in the past and it didn't perform (i've also come across many people having trouble with a linksys). Currently i have a Netgear router and i haven't had a problem with overheating or interference (2 other wireless networks in the building, +2 cell phones, +1 wireless phone). It was also suprisingly cheap.
    No complaints so far.
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    That looks good - I have a Netgear Rangemax and it did well for me in my last apartment, which had concrete walls that confounded other routers.

    Before it died, I was using a Linksys, hacked to increase the wattage (I installed a cooling fan), and two directional antennas to aim the signal toward a concrete hallway.
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    Netgear is good and they can be bought cheap. I have a d-link now and it is wonderful...it was fairly expensive though. Linksys and Belkin wireless routers always seem to have problems from what I have heard (or give weak signals).
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    Well getting a new router is up to you...but the new ones have far better range. Yes, you can get an adaptor like that, or you can get a wireless networking card. If you do get a card, then make sure it will work with your pc and you will have to install it.
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    Does either one have any advantage over the other?
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    Well, the card would be in your computer and not stuck in one of your usb ports.
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    Cisco Aironet is the best in the buisness, but u will have to pay over 400$ to own one.

    I havent had any problems with Netgear or Linksys (cisco's little brother).

    If you want to boost the range of a downmarket WIFI access point, get a better aerial
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