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Wireless router

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    wireless router....

    i bought a new wireless router from LinkSys...model no. is BEFW 11S4...i was asked to go to to configure my connection.....but i can't even go to [Broken] how can i configure my connection?
    Must i go to the site to configure it or i can configure it manually without visiting the site?
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    did you get issued an IP address from the Wifi Router?

    Open CMD and type ipconfig to find out, look for the default gateway, this will be your wifi router... open IE and put in the this IP address to configure the router...
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    IIRC, the wireless access point is not turned on when you initially turn the router on. You'll need to actually plug into it with an ethernet cable to be able to set it up and turn the wireless access point on.

    - Warren
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    Remember that is not a site on the Internet. It is the IP address that your router assumes on your home network.
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    so how to configure it?
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    Plug a cable into it, then direct a browser to, then follow directions. Ask specific questions, please.

    - Warren
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    yeh good point, I thought he had pluged in an ethernet cable :-/
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    No offense, but most manuals have quite specific and easy to follow directions...
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    True. And Linksys has pretty good tech support, I've dealt with them in the past and had no problems.

    Just don't ask them the meaning of life.
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    uhmmm, what is "the meaning of life" ? as your post mentioned ?
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    i am using wireless router now to link to 2 of my pc.....so can i configure one of the pc to be faster on surfing the net?
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    unless you want to use a Packetshapper or some Nbar on a router (cisco) you will find it difficult giving one PC morebandwith than the other, typically any PC behind a NAT device will share the bandwidth at the NAT device...
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