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Wireless security measures

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    My dad just bought a laptop and he wants to setup wireless internet for him and my mom. Which translates to, he wants me to setup wireless internet. But the problem is he is a doctor and will probably have confidential patient info on his computer, I have don’t have much experience in wireless security measures. All I really know is that it isn’t secure. Any thoughts or recommendations would be helpful.

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    Step 1. Wrap house in metal mesh
    Step 2. Change the default password
    Step 3. Limit access by MAC address
    Step 4. Change WEP keys periodically

    If you do step 1 you shouldn't have to do steps 2-4, but in the event that you don't do step 1 then you can find the instructions for steps 2-4 in the router manual.
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    Better still Use a Cisco AP and:

    Use Dynamic WEP and Tkip on for encryption
    and use MAC and LEAP For Authentication
    And finally do NOT broadcast your SSID name

    Even better than a house wrapped in metal mesh :smile:
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    Haha, I don't think my parents would go for step 1, but thanks duardo. Can most routers use WEP and filter MAC addresses?
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    All wireless routers support WEP and i'm almost certian they also do MAC address filtering.
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    Yeh most do, WEP is flawed tho... So it is better if you can use Dyanmic WEP and change keys every so often...

    Make sure you do not broadcast your SSID also as this is inviting crackers to you, Security through obsecurity is better than non at all

    MAC address filter is also better than nothing but is very easy to by-pass by changing your MAC address to one that is Authed on the AP.

    If Security is a big deal, you should hire a tech to come and set everything up, becuase the nature of the beast with WLAN's is that it is insecure but with additions of correct protocols and configuration it can be very secure!
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    Security isn't a huge concern. It sounds like MAC address filtering and dynamic WEP should be sufficient.

    Is controling broadcast of the SSID just a setting on the router?
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    yes, typically an option on the Access Point (Wifi Router)
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    Thanks for your help. I will be back if i have any trouble, but i think i can handle that.
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