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Wireless signal boost

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    I would like to pose the question of weather or not it is feasable to extend a wireless routers signal over an extended antena which could thread through the cealing of a building to alow a signal to be used from room to room. The building in question predates wireless networking and was constructed with a structure that does not allowing a signal to pass through the various walls. I have not attempted anything to produce a signal yet because of time constraints on my schedual. However, i was wondering if there any factors to consider other than the resistivity of the antina material which would be used to transport the signal? If anyone has atempted this in the past or has an idea of how to get around any complications that this set up would create please respond with any ideas that may help.
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    Welcome ceder to the PF Forums!!:smile:

    I think you are asking if you can extend the signal from a wireless router into another room that is shielding the signal from the router.

    If there is a suitable output port on the router, you can research what type of output impedance the router has and use the appropriate cable (that matches that impedance), to run to the other room. Then terminate the cable with an antenna tuned to the wavelength used by the router. (You will have to research what wavelength your router uses).
    You can easily build a functional dipole antenna that should work fine in the other room.
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    There are also wireless network repeaters that can be used to extend the range, locating one on top of the wall in question should allow it to pass from one room to the other. Now whether the typical wired ethernet 5-4-3 rules apply or not is another story, you may want to consult the exact wireless standard you select before making a purchase:

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