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Wireless USB type bridge thing?

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    Hey guys;

    Is there currently any type of Wireless USB bridge thing?

    What I mean.. I have a laptop, and when I use my digital camera I have to plug it in the back of my PC, which means I have to pull out the USB cable and bring it to my laptop, etc. Is there any way I can have the USB cable plugged into some type of wireless device (hub, access point, etc) and I can access my camera remotely via my wireless network?

    Thank you!
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    I couldn't find a wireless usb hub.

    What you can do is enable filesharing on the camera folder on your desktop. Then from the laptop you can connect to the desktop through the wireless network and access the camera.
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    bluetooth? If your camera and 'puter both support this functionality
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    Probably not. The USB bus is supposed to supply power, among other things, and wireless power is not something that is generally used because it can play havoc with delicate electronic devices.

    Depending on what OS you're using, and how the camera is set up, you may be able to use a different machine to make the camera available on a wireless network, as described above.
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